Thierry Zaboitzeff and Gérard Hourbette (Art Zoyd): Music is like bridges

French avant-progressive band Art Zoyd has a huge legacy and remains an active, although not very often, performing unit. Last

Mike Tramp: The Road to Yourself

In the 80s White Lion was among the leading glam metal bands, topping the charts, with blonde handsome Danish singer

Bent Saether (Motorpsycho): 25 years in Psycho-Land

Norwegian band Motorpsycho might be not so well-known in Russia yet, however it being started 25 years ago, achieved cult

Siggi Braun: Searching for a perfect guitar

When I saw Victor Smolski (Rage) playing live for the first time, I couldn’t help wondering where does his axe

Paul Gilbert: Jazz vibrations

Paul Gilbert succeeds in many roles. He is metal guy in Racer X, radio star in Mr. Big, guitar hero

Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater): Sound Universe

American keyboard player Jordan Rudess is a man of many talents. He plays progmetal in his main band Dream Theater,

Beth Hart: With a smallest light, the dark flees

After the release of numerous solo albums and recently two very successful disks of classic blues covers, huge amount of

Wayne Kramer (MC5): Music opening the doors

American guitar player, producer & songwriter Wayne Kramer is often considered as forefather of punk. At 1968, when Wayne was

Christophe Godin (Morglbl): Brutal romantic

Sometimes joke is a best way to express something. Leaving seriousness behind, you get freedom, ability to express almost anything

Dave Ellefson (Megadeth): Mega-brother

Goods things are addictive. Such as Megadeth playing in Russia. This June they came back just one year, or even